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Latest Dive Reviews

Feb 3, 2013 - Betsey Wrecks

"A dead calm and sunny day greeted the seven of us as we headed out towards Tasmania's wreck graveyard abord Y-Knot. With vis reportedly >10m, we knew we were in for a great day on the wrecks.

The first stop for the day was the wreck of the tug "Swiftness" which is a little further out from the main Betsey Island group of wrecks. Sitting in about 25m with a section of bow, a large boiler, engine block and stern section surviving. Right next to the Swifness was an old barge that has certainly seen better days. There was plenty to see and experience on the dive including some very big Gurnard. Another intersting thing we noted was a 3-4 degree thermocline that was only a few meters off the bottom. It is worth noting that Eric and James on their rebreathers were able to take a bearing and swim from the Swiftness wrecks to the main Betsey wrecks and and then do another 30 minuite dive on them!

For the second dive, we went to the broken bridge section, definitely a crowd favourite. We set the shot on the broken end and went exploring. The wreck was teeming with life from undersize crays all over the place to large Bastard Trumpeter and groups of Long Snouted Boarfish. There is plenty of opportunity to squeeze into some of the wreck if you like that sort of thing and the rio that pokes out of the broken sections are covered in a large numer of different coloured Jewelled Anenomies.

There had been a pod of dolphins swimming around the mouth of the river and at one stage swam right over Andrew, Vanessa and Brendan on their ascent and they missed them. Bad luck guys.

All in all, a fantastic day out on the water. Thanks to all who took part and welcome to new members Vanessa and Brendan."
By Andrew Burt

Who Dived it?
brendan Ness Eric Drew Ashton James Andrew